Transfer & archiving of video and audio tapes
all done in-house and not outsourced.
Transcoding of digital files to other formats.
Creating Blu-ray, DVD, CD discs and USB storage. 
Specialising in tape media, floppies & movie film.
Location filming and sound recording.
Editing of your media.


Video Tape Transfer

We source the best equipment, do our own modifications and servicing. Our gear is like family, we know its history!

VHS VHS-C S-VHS VCR cassette video8 Hi8 Digital8  microMV miniDV
DVCpro 25 & 50 Betacam SP SX IMX Digibeta Betamax DVcam XDcam Laserdisc
1/2" EIAJ reel to reel videotapes
Philips VCR N1500 N1700 cassettes 
All transfers to DVD Blu-ray M-DISC or
.mp4 on USB .avi for PC .mov or ProRes HD for Mac.
Tape cleaning & mold removal for VHS Betamax 8mm.

Audio Tape Transfer

We don't transfer wire recordings
but almost everything else since then!

Compact cassettes Dolby B & C
mini and micro cassettes
1/4" reel to reel tapes all speeds
LP EP 33 45 78 rpm vinyl records
acetate and transcription discs
DAT Minidisc CD & SCSI drives
all converted to HD digital.
Tape repair, splicing, baking, mold removal and cleaning.
File editing click & noise reduction.
ADAT not supported, sorry.

Film Scanning

Hi-def scans you can see right down to the grain in the film. Over two decades of experience, we get the job done guaranteed!

Film to digital on HDD USB DVD or Bluray.
Specialising in small formats.
8mm 9.5mm 16mm to 576i or 1080p HD.
If it's got sound it will be there too!
Film cleaning and mold removal.
Photos slides documents scanned.
Digital photo restoration service.
Quality results for hundreds of delighted customers and other transfer businesses.
Even state archives have used us!

Retro Computing

PC & Mac media downloading as well as
legacy computer file access, we can assist!

MAC & IBM PC 5.25" 3.5" Amstrad 3" floppy disks transfers.
Commodore & Amiga data access.
Iomega Zip Rev floppy Orb disk
OM optical magnetic disk transfer.
Old Mac & PC SCSI drive download.
 Camcorder ZIF hard drive SD XD CF data card recovery.
Surveillance video transcoding.
Laptop & tablet file troubleshooting.
with years of engineering expertise!

Recovery Solutions

Scratched or unfinalized DVDs,
broken SD cards, dropped camcorders,
damaged hard drives ...HELP

Our CD scratch removal machine can only do so much. software recovery options may be necessary.
We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years and are ready to assist.
Our library of recovery software is growing all the time. None of the software we use is freeware.
That's why it usually works!

Format Solutions

Q: "We've found some old floppy thingies
and the labels say there are photos on them. Can you help?"

Our computers are set up to deal with many legacy formats.
MacWrite from 1982, CBM SuperScript from 1999 or just some old Windows word docs or CAD files, we are working hard to offer more solutions for our customers.
Some files may be on weird floppies and discs or run on old operating systems like CP/M or DOS.
We can't always get access to the data if the media is corrupted, but all things being equal  ....probably!

Audio Solutions

Q: "Our masters are on 10.5" reel to reel.
Does anyone still have these recorders?"

We can deal with difficult tapes that your audio is stuck on.
We have thermal dehydration and tape cleaning facilities.
Recent projects include....
Uni School of Art lectures that were recorded on open reel, cleaned baked and digitised to .wav files.
Divinyls multi-track files on a SCSI HDD recovered to .wav.
Cassette tapes with folk & rock band recordings mastered.
If you have DAT we can help too!

Video Solutions

So you have an unexpected problem,
Q: "what's best for my tapes?"

We can digitise your footage to a
Prores 4:2:2 variant on a Mac formatted drive for a professional editing solution in Final Cut Pro.
Videotapes can be captured to
.avi for PC .mov for iMovie editing.
or .mp4 file for family archive to watch directly on your flatscreen TV in wide or standard format?
.....it's done!

Optical Storage

We have Blu-ray & M-DISC burners available.

Hard disk mechanisms can fail, the data stored on them can be erased or corrupted by viruses..
Tapes get damaged and are magnetically vulnerable.
USB and HDD electronic storage has a limited read/write cycle, internal components will eventually fail.
With a huge 50Gb of storage on BDR-DL, optical discs are now preferable in media preservation and digital archiving!

Cloud Storage

Is this really for you?

It’s easy, convenient & there are many cheap online storage services available but with monthly fees and possible transfer costs. Delivery to storage systems may seem magical and your data is often referred to as being safely stored “in the cloud,”. In reality, it’s stored on someone else’s raided hard drives or other media.... maybe even in a shed or garage.
It’s as safe as a given service wants to make it!

Media Back Up

It's always your responsibility.

We highly recommend that all your data is backed up.
Hard drive & USB data should be copied and stored at individual locations in case of disasters or burglary.
Customers have lost their USBs, thrown their original tapes away, having not backed anything up.
Kata-Productions Digital can provide back up media at the time of transfer or as an after service!

Tape Degaussing

For your peace of mind.

If you are concerned about throwing your tapes into recycling or garbage bins, we can assist with a professional tape erasure service. We have two tape degaussers which will erase analog tapes completely. These degaussers are the same ones used for many years in the television industry. We playback your erased tape to ensure there is no latent data remaining on it. This is not recommended until you have checked and backed up your digital storage!

Photo Slide Scanning

Can't look at your transparencies any more or found a shoebox of photos?
Kata-Productions will convert them to digital images like .tif or .jpeg or files of your choice up to 6400dpi so you can print your photo books, edit, share or simply enjoy your images in a digital age.

You receive your images scanned, cropped and colour corrected with professional file sizes and pixel counts that you can comfortably send to other businesses like photo book printers without the worry of your files being rejected as not suitable....

What else would you like.... SLIDESHOW on DVD or USB for a tribute presentation or simply someone's birthday celebration? No problem.

Film Scanning

I wanted to thank you for the truly excellent job you've done in transferring our old 8mm home movies to DVD.
The colours seem brighter and more realistic than the original reels and the clarity of the transfer process is really excellent.
Thanks for structuring the DVD with each movie as a separate section and for labelling each of these as asked.
I feel a little more secure knowing the family can keep their own copy. I can stop worrying about the film stock turning to rubbish.

Again, thanks for a fantastic job.
Kind regards,
William Smithers    N.S.W.
2nd August 2017

The Recovery Zone

When you find tapes in the disaster category ........
Kata-Productions Digital can help.
We have recovered fire damaged VHS tapes, a miniDV wedding tape dropped into a coffee cup, mold infested VCR tapes, flood damaged VHS tapes, squeaking audio tapes and cassettes that jam your equipment.

We recovered all files from a squashed camcorder run over by a 4WD, dropped camcorder with all files missing, broken SD card no longer working and even an SD card with half of the casing missing.

We have been recovering damaged motion picture films for many years.

Fire damaged tapes

Successfully recovered earlier this year

Flood damaged tapes

Successfully recovered after Hobart floods

Open reel videotape

Successfully digitised recently

Home movies in decay

Mold and contamination removed

What our customers had to say....

Very happy with all the stuff that has been done for us. Fantastic service , record to cd, tapes to cd and slides to DVDs fantastic !

21st March 2017

So happy with the ones our daughter had done some 3 ish years ago for her father who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They were off old reel movies. Great job.

19th March 2017

I highly recommend this company because of our personal experience.

Top quality and top service.

15th March 2017

My mother has had some super 8 film sitting in her cupboard for the past 34 years unable to be watched. Within a day they were able to convert it to USB for me and just in time for Mothers' Day. Well done, excellent service, super fast and very affordable.

12th May 2017

Kata-Productions managed to recover 2 years of video footage from my video camera that mysteriously went missing. I will be forever grateful.

Service was fantastic!

19th April 2017

We took a VHS video to Kata-Productions for cleaning, editing and copying to DVD.

Arnie was great, it wasn't easy but he did an amazing job.

Highly recommend.

14th April 2017

Transferred my wedding and overseas holiday footage from a 2 decade-old VHS tape and Mini DV cassettes to MP4 format within one day. Well worth the cost to have my precious family memories preserved!

25th July 2018

I had three treasured family VHS repaired and transferred to DVD. Each tape was carefully looked after and transferred to digital copies in what seemed like no time at all and at a really good price. I was updated throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

8th October 2018

Sent 21, 8mm reels to be digitised, response time was excellent for the quote, came back in less than the projected time frame. Quality of work was perfect, follow up phone calls as well. Highly recommend Kata-Productions to everyone. Very friendly and prompt service :) Thank you

15th June 2018

Kata-Productions transferred a set of old mini DVs to flash drive for me. I am very happy with the results, the service was great and very quick. They were very easy to deal with and I would recommend them for sure.

15th September 2018

A challenging task transferring information from floppy discs onto USB. The floppy discs were from the 80's. Also did a great job putting old movies onto discs for the family to have.

Kata-Productions is a gem.

25th January 2018

I am so glad that I saw you on Facebook and that gave me the opportunity to enquire about transferring the 20 year old VHS tape to digital. It turned out just as I was hoping for. Just over an hour and you had it done, at a very affordable price too.

14th November 2017

I have used Kata-Productions quite a few times. Arnie is always up to a challenge and super quick. Highly recommend!

21st March 2018

From initial contact to pick up of record and CD, excellent customer service! Went beyond expectation and job done same day.

2nd April 2017

Excellent service, very quick turnaround and an excellent transfer.

Thank you.

25th July 2018

Send us your films, tapes or cassettes with
Express Post and ask for signature on delivery.

We recommend an over the counter lodgement rather
than a street post box so that your media remains
undamaged and arrives in good order at our studios.

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Field Production Area

HD production for television or corporate
XDCAM and HDV cameras

Sound recording for television
Audio kit with four radio mic systems
Handheld and lavalier mics
Boom, mic stands and cable kit
Three ENG field mixers